Update: Drone lobby group slams Interior Department memo

A couple of days ago, we wrote about a leaked US government memo that exposed the Department of Interior’s stance on Pentagon-approved Blue sUAS drones. The internal memo verified by the Financial Times revealed that following a ban on China-manufactured drones, the DoI is being forced to spend eight to 14 times more for machines that were only 20% as effective. It was a scathing memo, alright. So now, a lobby group consisting of US-based drone manufacturers and a Europe-headquartered open-source software developer is hitting back.

What is American Drone Alliance?

The group is called American Drone Alliance and has UAS companies Skydio, Teal, and Auterion as its core. A quick internet search will tell you that this group has zero online presence — pretty strange for this day and age, we think. There is no publicly available information about its origins, mission, workings, or even how someone can contact them or become a member.

We’ve left a note to Skydio for…