Drones have become an essential storytelling tool for news organizations, freelance reporters, and citizen journalists across the globe. Many people make money by selling drone footage to local news channels and stock content aggregators. But which drone can you buy for less than $1,000 to get the best newsworthy photos and videos?

To qualify as a worthy newsgathering tool, a drone must fulfill certain criteria:

  • It must be compact, foldable, and easy to carry
  • It should be quick to deploy and be up in the air within minutes
  • It must have a good camera (4K and above is expected)
  • Its battery life should be fairly long, so it can stay airborne as a story/event unfolds
  • It should be easy to operate and control
  • It should be affordable and easily replaceable. (Because let’s face it, mishaps like police seizing a reporter’s drone or even shooting a drone down are not entirely uncommon in our world.)

Best drones under $1,000

So, here are some easily available, high-performing,…


Source: dronedj.com