There’s been a real trend recently with awesome CineWhoop-style videos. And we’ve just seen another that’s high up on the “Awesome” chart.

You know the kind of video we’re talking about, where an FPV drone, usually a small CineWhoop or TinyWhoop-style device, takes us on a little narrative: the story of a place and a moment in time. There’s always some great piloting between connected locations as the entire vista/story is unveiled. There’s also, generally, some audio post-production, as if the drone were eavesdropping while it flew past the subjects.

You know the type, right?

Lake of the Ozarks

If you haven’t heard of it, this is a man-made lake, created by a reservoir put in place back in 1929. It has become a wildly popular resort area known for its beauty, boating, and social life. Now, a new FPV video released by the restaurant/bar Lakehouse 13 pulls all of those elements together. It features a ton of different scenes, great piloting, and is…