Commercial drone market research firm Drone Industry Insights ranks Terra Drone Corporation as the world’s top drone service provider, and the Japan-based company is making sure it justifies its presence on the list.

According to a news release, Terra Drone and its group companies have completed more than 1,000 drone LiDAR survey projects globally in 2020. The milestone is significant – not only because of the sheer volume of the surveys conducted but also because the company managed to achieve this feat in a year when COVID-19 shutdowns reduced global economic growth dramatically.

To be fair, the global pandemic actually did bring a boost to some sectors within the drone industry. There was even a short-term bump in interest for consumer drones. In Terra Drone’s case, however, it is the construction sector that has appeared to have played a key role in sustaining growth.

Where is the demand for drone LiDAR coming from?

A major chunk of the projects for Terra Drone…