senseFLY is back with the second edition of its customer video contest, the eBee Effect. And this time, there are more prizes up for grabs!

Switzerland-based senseFLY’s eBee X series commercial drones are a weapon of choice for many surveying and GIS professionals looking to map large areas quickly, safely, and efficiently. If your organization also uses a senseFLY fixed-wing drone to collect aerial data, you could soon win yourself another one of their trusty birds – simply by putting together a short video.

How to enter (and win) the eBee Effect video contest

All you need to do is create a punchy two-minute video describing how your organization uses the eBee X series, and detail what kind of benefits or ROI your business has received from using drones.

The judges would like to see you use different shots of drones being leveraged in the field. And you can get the team to talk about their experience using the eBee X. Additionally, if you could showcase people working…