In the UK, the Merseyside cops arrested three people after a drone reportedly flew near Aintree Racecourse last week. The charges are suspicion of offences under the Air Navigation Order. But the actual circumstances seem to make it a uniquely British drone crime.

Police have since released three men – a pilot and two spotters – but seized their drone and some cash from their vehicle. We first reported this kind of thing earlier this year. It may have to do with “live betting” where bets are placed after the race is underway. Gamblers watch a slightly delayed video feed of the race and make their bets. However, some drone operators realized they can get a more up-to-date feed and give bettors an advantage. A two-second advantage, but an advantage nonetheless.

We spotted what may be a case of this in Ireland, but for the most part it seems unique to Britain.

Uniquely British drone crime

“We have a team of officers and partners who are monitoring any drone…