The FAA’s new drone rules start coming into effect from April 21st

The FAA has announced dates for when their new tightened drone regulations (revised from an initial proposal in December 2019) will start to take effect. Not all of the rules are coming in at once, however, taking a staggered approach that sees completion in September 2023 – shorter than originally planned, but still gives pilots and manufacturers plenty of time to comply.

Coming in on April 21st are the Remote ID and Operations Over People rules. The Remote ID system requires identification for drones in flight as well as the location of their control stations or takeoff point. And the Operations Over People rule applies to those flying under Part 107 certificates.

The Remote ID rules, they say is to allow national security and law enforcement authorities to be able to trace drones flying in places where they shouldn’t and to minimise the risk of drones interfering with other aircraft, as well as people and property on the ground.

The Operations Over People rule applies to…