Project about high and low tides in the Netherlands by Emersom Miranda

Emersom Miranda know on Dronestagram as ”emersom” is one of talented dronists on Dronestagram!
He made an interesting documentary project about high and low tides in the Netherlands. We wanted to know more about it & about his passion for aerial photography. 

Tell us something about yourself 
My name is Emersom Miranda and I was born and raised in Fortaleza, Brazil. I am 33 years old. In 2014 I moved from Brazil to Netherlands to start my education as a professional photographer at TheFotofactory in Amsterdam.

Sint Annaland, high tide, 500m high

As a photographer you try to be original and create photos that are different from what other people are doing. 

How did you get started flying drones?
When I was a child, I wanted to be a pilot but I didn’t achieve that because it’s too difficult in Brazil. During the course of my education I have to choose photography projects to work on, create relevant and creative pictures and present them at school. Last May I bought a drone, Phantom 4, just for fun and out of curiosity. I always wanted to have one. Drone photography proved to be very interesting, delivers great photos from a different angle. I love bird eyes view and new technologies. When I have some work, I am very concentrated and focused. As a photographer you try to be original and create photos that are different from what other people are doing. Nobody else around seemed interested in this type of aerial photography with nice subjects.

Sint Annaland, high tide, 500m high

About high and low tides in The Netherlands, why the choice of this particular subject?
I decided to take this subject because my school gave me a free choice project, a documentary module. I just bought a drone and started the project very quickly. The Netherlands are a small but interesting country. 40% of the country is located under sea level and if it wasn’t for the structures to keep the water out, the country would be flooded. Parts of the coast line of Holland are still very much subject to the natural influences of high and low tides.

Emersom’s inspiration

The tides are caused by the combined effect of the Moon and the Sun, although the effect of the Moon is greater than the effect caused by the Sun with the combination along with the rotational movement of the Earth. We can say then that there are two high tides and two low tides, alternating every 6 hours approximately. The incoming and outgoing water changes the landscape constantly. I was inspired by the texture changes in the landscape after a change in the sea level.

I have taken more than 600 photos with my Phantom 4 about High and Low tides only in the NL for my assignment to my school for the final project of a modulo about documentary. Im selecting the best ones and finishing the idea behind this project. I’m very excited.

Terschelling, low tide, 100m high

Last summer, I have been in Terschelling, in the North of Netherland, and stayed there for 3 days. I got this plan to photography this amazing island 1 week before the trip actually took place. Later on, I have been in Sint Annaland and Emmadorp, both south NL and it was easy. Together, I made 400 pictures both 2 islands, because they were small.

I try to photograph unique places. I am very frequently amazed by the result of the pictures, the colors, the shapes. Truly fascinating. You see the landscape from a totally different perspective and can see much more from the sky then from the ground.

Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe, low tide, 300m high

What will be the use of these pictures?
They have been specifically created for my photography project for TheFotoFactory and they were my first experience with a drone. So it was a learning experience. Eventually I hope to become a professional photographer and earn my living with photography. This is my big motivation in my life. So after the project is over, I will start selling a very limited edition of the drone pictures and make a NICE exhibition in Ams in 2017. The proceeds from this sales will be invested in new, other photo projects.

I have a big plan to keep this subject in my mind for a long time. I have 150 locations to go and I’m still looking for more.

When I start a plan to photograph it, I use google earth to make a tag and start it. For the next year, I have plans to go to Faro, Portugal, North of France, south Spain, South Italy and Iceland and do a series there with the drone on the rough landscape.

Terschelling, low tide

What picture is your favorite from this series and why?
My favorite picture is one of my first ones, that I made in Terschelling. When I started this project it was one of the first flights with my drone and I was very excited. I thought that I have made the right choice in my life and everything I do today is with love.

I get excited when I’m flying, I feel free and the most important thing is to show our love to others, sharpen people’s interest. That inspires me.

Here’s Emersom’s favorite picture from his series

Terschelling, low tide

The Netherlands & drone rules

What are the rules to follow in the Netherlands and what do you think of them?
There are some clear rules in The Netherlands on the use of drones, due to a number of almost accidents between drones and planes. There are urban and industrial areas where the law forbids to use the drone as it could be a danger to industry and aviation. Other areas you can freely use the drone as long as you don’t go to high and interfere with air traffic. You need to bring a companion who keeps an eye if any air traffic is moving in the direction of the drone. I’m very glad because my subject is far way of this dangerous area.

These are good rules. Drones are fun but they should be used with caution and a sense of safety. 

Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe, high tide, 300m high

What do you like to do when you are not taking photos?
I very much enjoy cooking new food and offer it to my friends and family. Also, I like the cultural climate in The Netherlands and particularly in Amsterdam, where there are many art galleries and photo exhibitions. More are interests are going shopping and going to the ballet, musicals, movies, etc. I am a user of Netflix and Spotify and while living in Amsterdam, listen to Brazilian contemporary music and watch Brazilian TV. O course, I love to travel, long trips and get different feelings and inspiration for my work. Currently, I’m taking Dutch & English lessons and hope to be fluent in both languages at some point and always learning new things.

Thank you very much Emersom!