A DRONELIFE exclusive interview with Margherita Bruscolini of GLOBHE about her work in providing the vital information that disaster management teams around the world need to save lives and land.

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Margherita Bruscolini is the Global Head of Drones, leading the client delivery team at GLOBHE, the impact tech company using drone data to help stakeholders understand the planet.

As climate change leads to more and more deadly climate events, that data serves a critical role in disaster management.  A drone pilot with a background in geology and environmental science, Margherita Bruscolini is a committed advocate for technology solutions to meet environmental issues.

“I am passionate about using innovation and technology to tackle global challenges,” said Bruscolini.  “We’re using tools that can really change things and have a positive impact on meeting the challenges of climate change.”

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Source: dronelife.com