Helena, Montana, is boosting public safety efforts with an innovative tool. The Helena Fire Department is now the proud owner of a drone worth $28,342, thanks to a grant gifted to the six largest cities in Montana.

Acquired in April 2023, the drone is not merely a high-tech gadget. It’s a potential life-saver. With seven members of the Fire Department now FAA-certified following comprehensive training and licensing, this drone is set to be an active participant in a range of critical safety operations.

The possibilities are extensive. Hazardous materials incidents, search missions for people stranded in the city’s Open Lands, and detailed building assessments during a fire, are just a few of the applications envisioned for this drone.

The state-of-the-art drone, constructed by Steel City Drones, LLC, is reportedly equipped with a thermal imager, a camera, and a gas-radiation meter, ensuring that it’s ready to assist in a multitude of emergency situations.



Source: dronexl.co