SimActive v10 Correlator 3DThis week, SimActive launches v10 of Correlator3D: a new, feature-rich and redesigned version of SimActive’s innovative mapping platform.

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The company is also celebrating 20 years – a major achievement in any industry.  DRONELIFE spoke with brothers Philippe and Louis Simard, the visionary team behind a mapping product used by most governments in the world, oil and gas conglomerates, and drone mapping operations of any size.

Philippe and Louis Simard aren’t twins, but they have followed each other’s footsteps closely.  Both have graduate degrees in Computer Vision from Magill, studying in the same lab.  It was in that lab that the Correlator3D platform was first conceived: a brand new idea for using the concepts of computer vision to generate accurate maps, quickly and easily.

Louis Simard, CTO SimActive

Louis Simard is SimActive’s Chief Technology Officer, responsible for research and development.  Louis describes how…