It’s been only a week since DJI launched the new Inspire 3 professional filmmaking drone, and the tech giant is already gearing up for another product release. A new DJI teaser has dropped just now, and it indicates that the company is readying to unveil its first triple-lens camera product. Could it be the rumored Mavic 3 Pro drone?

DJI is teasing a new product launch for 9 a.m. EDT on April 25, 2023, with a simple teaser showing a Hasselblad camera system with three lenses.

Of course, DJI won’t officially say what’s coming, but social media is teeming with leaked photos of an alleged Mavic 3 Pro drone with the DJI RC remote controller. And this drone features the same payload that can be seen in the new DJI teaser.

Here are some photos of the rumored DJI Mavic 3 Pro drone that have been shared by leaker @DealsDrone online:

And here’s the new DJI product launch teaser for you to do the math:

The Mavic 3 is…