We’ve been waiting for this one.  MatrixSpace CRO Lori DeMatteis is an industry thought leader, an active member of AUVSI and a Women and Drones Global Ambassador.

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As MatrixSpace has developed a name in the industry, their engineers have developed a ground-breaking product.  Today, they’ve launched a radar  – small, lightweight, and incredibly powerful.  The ability to detect the size, precise location, and the movement of objects could be a game changer for advanced drone operations and airspace awareness systems.

MatrixSpace Announces MatrixSpace Radar

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, radar and AI sensing leader MatrixSpace announced MatrixSpace Radar, the first in a series of AI sensing products designed to provide cost-effective, long-distance sensing, tracking, monitoring and inspection solutions. MatrixSpace Radar is the size of a cell phone and weighs under a pound, making it the most portable…


Source: dronelife.com