Autel Robotics Launches Redesigned Website, focused on Autel commercial offerings.

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Drone manufacturer Autel Robotics has launched a completely redesigned website focused on solutions and case studies that will assist customers in better understanding the benefits of its products. This new website comes in response to an increased need to address customer difficulties and provide solutions with clear and measurable business value.

Autel Robotics, a subsidiary of Autel Intelligent Technology, a global technology corporation.  While the company began in 2015 with a focus on the consumer and recreational markets, the new website signifies the companies shift to B2B, government and commercial drone applications.

The updated website highlights more than eight key applications for drones and UAVs, including: Anti-Smuggling, Border Watch, Scalable Security and Premises Management, Transmission Line Inspection, Transmission Poles and…