Heven Drones hydrogen fueled UAVsDon’t miss this episode of the Drone Radio Show Podcast, as host Randy Goers interviews Ben Levinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Heven Drones about the company’s innovative hydrogen fueled UAVs and the promise and future of hydrogen propulsion systems.

Listen here:

Ben Levenson is Co-founder and CEO of Heven Drones, a manufacturer of heavy-lift actionable drones capable of solving a range of commercial, infrastructure, humanitarian and military challenges.  From autonomous last-mile delivery to defense missions, emergency response, and infrastructure repair the company’s fully-customizable drone solutions deliver cutting-edge performance, patented stability and superior lifting capability. Powered by an expert team with military, engineering, and scientific backgrounds, the company enjoys a strategic partnership with Plug Power and the Israel Ministry of Defense.

In February, Heven Drones launched its first hydrogen-powered drone for commercial use, the H2D55….


Source: dronelife.com