Insta360 Flow

Insta360 just released their first gimbal, the Flow, which claims to be the world’s most advanced AI tracking smartphone stabilizer. Auto tracking enables your smartphone to follow you or your desired subject with unmatched precision, while 3-axis stabilization delivers ultra-smooth shots. Paired with a built-in selfie stick, tripod and power bank, Flow has everything a creator needs to shoot pro-level content on the go.

The Insta360 Flow gimbal weighs just 369 grams (13oz) and folds down to 79.6×162.1x36mm (3.1×6.4×1.4in), making it easy to travel with. It has a max payload of 300 grams and accommodates phones with a width of 64-84mm (2.5-3.3in). It is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices.


Featuring AI tracking and 3-axis motorized stabilization, the Insta360 Flow gimbal makes bringing your creative vision to life effortless. Whether you’re running after your kid or travelling to the next stop on your bucket list, Flow’s mechanical…