A bill that would make it easier to build drone ports and make it harder for local governments to oppose them is currently being considered by lawmakers in the state of Florida. This development comes on the heels of Walmart’s rollout of a drone delivery service in several cities during the previous year.

The bill was approved by the House transportation subcommittee, and if passed, it would exempt delivery drone ports in Florida from the state’s Building and Fire codes. Additionally, it would prohibit governments from withholding business tax receipts or occupational licenses in order to prohibit drone delivery services based on the location of the drone port.

During the meeting on Friday, Republican Representative Spencer Roach presented the bill on behalf of the bill’s sponsor, Democratic Representative Wyman Duggan.

Emerging drone tech justifies new bill to ease regulations

Drones are a “new emerging technology,” according to Roach, so the new bill is…


Source: dronexl.co