Days after releasing major firmware upgrades for the Mavic 3E and Mavic 3M aircraft, DJI is now rolling out a big software update for its flagship commercial drone with interchangeable payloads, the M300 RTK.

The fresh update brings both M300 RTK aircraft and remote controller firmware up to v06.01.01.00, while the Pilot 2 Andoird app can now be updated to v6.1.2.3. There are a ton of new and optimized features that users would want to explore, including flight tasks now becoming terrain-aware and the ability to execute new flight tasks without returning to the home screen.

Here’s everything that the new M300 firmware update has in store:

  • Updated to use GPS+Galileo+BeiDou as the GNSS of the aircraft, which can increase the availability and search speed of satellites in the obstructing environment.
  • Added countdown prompt for IMU Calibration in Manual Flight when using the Zenmuse L1.
  • Added Support for Terrain Follow in Smart Oblique, Oblique…