drones for Sierra Leone reforestation projectDrones Deployed in Sierra Leone Reforestation Project

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

A Sierra Leone-based pilot project is set to utilize drone-based remote sensing and data management technologies for the verification and monitoring of reforestation programs.

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Sierra Leone has lost over 30% of its tree cover since 2000, and has little in ways of funds with which to create new forests. At COP26, the Government of Sierra Leone committed to planting 25 million trees by 2030 over 960,000 HA.

“Our challenge in Sierra Leone is mitigating the already severe impact of climate change, without a means of covering the costs. It’s an equation that means we need to pioneer technology that will sequester carbon in ways that access finance,” said Environment Minister Foday Jaward.

drones for Sierra Leone reforestation project

In collaboration with the Government of Sierra Leone, not-for-profit organization Crown Agents and drone specialist UAVaid are partnering with UK…


Source: dronelife.com