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This is the third year for NXP’s HoverGames competition. The theme this year is about a sustainable food ecosystem. It uses vehicles based on the original quadcopter drone and now a compact rolling platform known as the Buggy3. 

How can drones and rovers help achieve a sustainable food ecosystem?

Whether it’s farming, hunting, or fishing – humanity’s growth and success over the last few thousand years is arguably due to our ability to feed ourselves. The world’s population is still growing and while we need more food, we must also ensure we are not damaging our environment. In Challenge 3, we are looking for solutions to how technology can improve sustainable food ecosystems in the future.

The latest competition features Bosch Sensortec’s BME688 four-in-one gas sensor (see figure). Packing in four different gas sensors into one package would alone be useful, but the engineers also included support for applying machine-learning…