DJI is releasing the Action 3 camera in 2 days, and the leaked images just keep coming. Available in the Standard(below) or Adventure bundle(above), the Action 3 will start at US$329.

Here’s the latest leaked specs for the DJI Action 3:

  • 4K120fps
  • Super-Wide FOV
  • Longer battery life and better cold weather performance thanks to new “Extreme Battery”.
  • 1.5m Extension rod 
  • Waterproof case for use beyond 16m
  • HorizonSteady
  • Quck release vertical mount
  • Dual front and rear touchscreens
  • Multifunction battery case
DJ Action 3 Standard Bundle

We’re happy to see the original GoPro style body again. The Action 2’s novel modular design was interesting in concept, but really didn’t pull it’s weight when it came to execution.

GoPro is releasing it’s new HERO11 camera at the same time as DJI is releasing the Action 3 so we should see lots of comparison videos by KOL’s being released to Youtube on Wednesday.

Will you be ordering the new DJI Action 3 when it’s released or the…