A US district judge has ruled that Brooklyn-based media production company Xizmo can proceed with its lawsuit challenging New York City’s local “Avigation Law,” which effectively bans the use of drones in the city. Interestingly, this avigation rule was originally adopted into New York City’s Administrative Code in 1948, way before small civilian drones even existed.

What does New York City’s Avigation Law say?

According to this law:

It shall be unlawful for any person avigating an aircraft to take off or land, except in an emergency, at any place within the limits of the city other than places of landing designated by the department of transportation or the port of New York authority.

Xizmo, which specializes in aerial cinematography, is challenging the validity of this regulation in court because the company believes the law’s scope is in direct conflict with the FAA’s authority to regulate the national airspace. The result being that…


Source: dronedj.com