Drone Harmony’s aerial mission planning platform now supports Phase One’s flagship inspection and mapping payload, the P3. The P3 payload is a plug-and-play drone imaging solution that works exceptionally well with the DJI M300 platform. The 100MP sensor is also compatible with Mavlink- and Auterion-supported drones.

Phase One says its P3 customers can now benefit from the full span of data capture workflows enabled by Drone Harmony, including automation of complex inspection and mapping missions around vertical infrastructure. 

The P3 drone imaging payload has indeed been able to deliver impressive high-quality data from infrastructure such as electric utilities and cell towers, even at a rather distant flight from the asset. Such missions, however, require high-precision planning, and this is exactly what Drone Harmony brings to the table.

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David Adjiashvili, cofounder at Drone Harmony, says:



Source: dronedj.com