Sub250 Nanofly16

Sub250 is a completely new name in the drone industry, and their first quadcopter is the Nanofly16. This little FPV drone has a wheelbase of 77mm (motor to diagonal motor distance) and weighs just 28 grams without a battery. The take-off weight of a drone with a 1S 380mAh high-voltage LIPO is only 38.0g, and the flight time is 4.5 minutes. Equipped with a 3D printed battery holder, it is convenient and quick to replace the battery.

The Sub250 Nanofly16 is built around an AIO F4 flight controller with an integrated ELRS radio receiver and 5A ESC. The RunCam ANT camera is paired with a 250mW VTX.

The most important thing is that Nanofly16 is very quiet to fly, like a dragonfly, you can both fly it at home and freestyle in the yard and even set up a few gantries for racing practice. Trust me, you’ll love this small, portable, and quiet mini FPV drone after you fly it.

Key features

  • 1.6-inch tiny size & lightweight, just 28.0g…