Remember the SnotBot? A few years ago, the Ocean Alliance used a DJI Inspire 2 drone to collect snot from whales. At the time, it was recognized as one of the more innovative uses of drones. Now, we learn that the Ocean Alliance is using drones to tag whales as well.

The drones are flown right over the whales and drop the suction-cup tags as soon as the mammals breach the ocean surface.

See videos below for the tagging and SnotBot in action.

Using a drones to tag whales

“Our drone-based suction cup tag deployment methods work for multiple types of tags,” explains Ocean Alliance. “These smaller, lighter tags use a specially designed tag holder to ensure the tag falls straight and properly attaches to the whale. It’s designed to pop off after attachment and float for recovery and reuse.” ⁣⁣

Remember Snotbot? Now They Use Drones To Tag Whales As Well! 1

“One of the most important tools in whale research right now are biologging data tags. These tags stick onto the back of a whale with suction cups (typically…