Everdrone Expands Life Saving Drone System to Denmark

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Everdrone is expanding its life saving drone services to Denmark following its successful implementation within Sweden.

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Everdrone’s emergency medical drones transport cardiac defibrillator equipment to the scene of cardiac emergencies.  In the city of Aalborg, a hangar is currently in place with operations underway.

“We’re proud and happy to have Everdrone’s first project outside of Sweden fully operational”, said Daniel Blecher, Everdrone’s Head of Customer Operations. “This marks the 7th active system to date and will allow us to reach a total of 340,000 people in both Sweden and Denmark.”

Two years ago, Everdrone began exploring potential locations in collaboration with the Copenhagen Emergency Medical Services. After deciding on Aalborg, the project was developed and finalized alongside Region Nordjylland in order…


Source: dronelife.com