Now that the DJI Air 2S drone and the Mini 3 Pro are at the top of the list for drone buyers these days, many of us are still using older models, like the Mavic 2 Pro drone.

We’ve had the Mavic 2 Pro since it was launched, and we still love everything about it. Especially the Smart Controller.

But with age comes discounts. So if you’re looking to pick up a carry case, and some extra propellers and batteries the deal has finally arrived.

The Fly More Kit for the Mavic 2 Series (Pro and Zoom) includes:

  • Mavic 2 shoulder bag
  • one pair low noise props
  • battery to power bank adapter
  • 2 intelligent flight batteries
  • batty charging hub (holds 3)

The Mavic 2 Fly More Kit is still $379 at the DJI Store, so B&H appears to have the best deal currently.

You can check it out at