radiometric thermal zoomTeledyne FLIR‘s VUE TZ20-R is a game changer for commercial drones, for applications from search and rescue to solar inspection.  In a recent webinar, Teledyne FLIR’s Kelly Brodbeck gives 4 reasons drone pilots need radiometric thermal zoom capabilities.

The VUE TZ20-R’s radiometric thermal zoom capabilities are the result of careful market research.  Since FLIR was acquired by Teledyne last year, “We’re a much bigger company these days,” says Brodbeck.  “Our combined companies really do address all of the measurement, imaging and data gathering you can do across the magnetic spectrum.”  Teledyne FLIR’s products are working on land, air and sea all around the world, and even on other planets – but some elements of imaging are constant.

“Getting closer to your subjects is always a good thing,” Brodbeck says. “On a drone, when you can’t be very close to your subject, it’s essential.”

What is Radiometric Thermal Zoom?

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