drone mapping positano Italy Parrot Anafi AIParrot, Logiroad complete ‘impossible’ drone mapping mission over Positano

By Jim Magill

The Italian town of Positano, which hugs the cliffs along Italy’s scenic Amalfi Coast, is a delight for tourists and fashion lovers, and a nightmare for mapmakers.

The city’s topography, with streets that wind along the hills and canyons that run right up the shore of the sea, presents an impossible challenge for mapmakers using traditional methods. That’s why French drone company Parrot chose Positano as the perfect place to test out the mapping capabilities of its ANAFI AI software.

The French drone company recently teamed with Logiroad, a French software company with expertise in creating digital twins of cities, to create a 3D model of the picturesque but hard-to-map city.

“We’ve been working on the ANAFI AI project for literally years. We asked ourselves: what would be the craziest thing that we could try to map with a drone?” Olivier Revon, Parrot product…


Source: dronelife.com