FPV drone video films sudden, determined magpie attack

An Australian content producer and pilot has captured a remarkable first-person-view (FPV) drone video of his craft suffering a seriously hacked-off magpie’s prolonged attack.

Pilot tries and fails to shake off relentless bird strike

The footage was posted on the @ fabreezy_ Instagram page of an Australian pilot named Fabio, after the battle took place above a Sydney area beach. It begins with a shot of the large black and white bird sitting on the roof of a beachfront structure – presumably taken after the assailant had backed off to savor its slap-down victory. What follows is the FPV drone video of the magpie’s attack from the perspective of the aerial victim, interspersed with images taken from the ground as it continues unfolding. 

Though the video is only 20 seconds in length, the actual assault clearly lasted a lot longer. Fabio flies the craft a fairly long way up and down the beach in an attempt to shake the pursuing bird. At one point, he…