commaris seeker

Flying car company Terrafugia launched a new brand and a new drone at Commercial UAV in Las Vegas: the Commaris SEEKER.

The CommarisTM SEEKERTM  is an electric, fixed-wing/VTOL hybrid aircraft designed for autonomous commercial aerial applications.

“This UAV is designed to perform a wide variety of commercial inspection operations in applications such as power, gas, oil, mapping, agriculture, and security,” said Kevin Colburn, President of Terrafugia and Commaris. “Our team of experienced aviation professionals has created an extremely capable, commercial-grade UAV that, in many situations, will deliver results that typical rotary-wing UAVs or helicopters cannot come close to providing.”

The Commaris SEEKER offers more than three hours of flight time without a battery change, supports multiple payload configurations, and travels at a top speed of over 60 mph. It can carry a payload of up to 10 pounds; and its modular design can be assembled or disassembled in the…