‘Late Night’ welcomes audiences back with drone-shot intro- DroneDJ

Night owl readers will already know this, but it’s worth cheering all the same. After 15 COVID-19-dominated months of mostly remote broadcasts, Stephen Colbert’s Late Night resumed filming shows before live audiences this week, opening up with a new intro shot by drones.

‘Late Night’ welcomes audiences back with new drone-shot credits intro

The former Daily Show favorite and current CBS fixture kicked off the seventh season of the show Tuesday with the new opening credits sequence. The intro footage was shot by drones, and is designed to give viewers a look and feel of the backstage hustle and bustle that goes into staging Late Night at its Ed Sullivan Theater home. The nervy, first-person-view fly-through also radiates some of the energy and excitement of crew, cast, and audiences finally getting back together after more than a year and a half of COVID-19-imposed separation.

The sequence starts with an elevated shot of the Broadway theater, followed…