Trial drones flights of defibrillators to heart attack victims- DroneDJ

As part of the world’s reaction to the sudden and unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, vastly increased use of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) to deliver critical medical supplies evolved from experimental to habitual phases in no time. That soon may also be the case with drones flying defibrillators to heart attack victims with improved, life-saving speed.

Responding to cardiac arrest emergencies from the skies

A trial using drones to fly automated external defibrillators (AED) to heart attack victims in Sweden suggests the method could end up saving more lives – and improving those spared – than relying only on the usual ground ambulances. The experiments using both methods in reaction to cardiac arrest emergencies showed UAV arriving considerably faster than road-based responders.

“Drones delivered an automated external defibrillator just outside the door of residential homes, where most cardiac arrests occur,” said Dr. Sofia Schierbeck, a researcher at…