Crime-busters: UK authorities fly drone to nab illegal shellfish pickers

Uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) perform a great many tasks in countless places, with those capacities and venues expanding all the time. This week a drone was successfully flown in the UK on a less frequent mission than one usually hears about: policing areas exposed during low tides for illegal shellfish pickers.

Drone over Bournemouth scans tidal flats for illegal shellfish gathering

In a pair of Twitter posts on Monday and Wednesday, the UK’s Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) said it had joined other agencies in flying drone missions over exposed beaches near Bournemouth “to target illegal hand-gathering activity” of shellfish. The Southern IFA said the UAV “was used to monitor activity & direct resources,” with video feeds leading to “30+ persons engaged with & a number reported for” violating shellfish collection rules. One obviously needs to mind their Ps and cockle shells when scouring sand for grub in southern…