UK and Aussie partners expand drone delivery network

London-based advanced air mobility (AAM) specialist Skyports is broadening its COVID-fighting medical services partnership with Australian logistics company Swoop Aero to establish drone delivery networks across Europe and the Americas. 

Deal extends initial UK Covid-fighting medical delivery partnership to wide-ranging goods

The move is significant in the development of both businesses. It marks a major step forward in the drone delivery activities of Skyports, which in recent months has made most of its headlines through deals to build AAM infrastructure and promote approaching air taxi services around the world. Its expanded partnership with Swoop Aero, therefore, not only promises to rapidly nurture the delivery activities Skyports had also established, but also provide its Australian associate a ready-made network in which its new line of fixed-wing Kite drones can operate. 

The deal also has the attraction of expanding an existing relationship, and…