DJI’s agricultural drones, Agras T30 and T10, which were released in China late last year, are now available for purchase in more than 100 countries internationally. In the meantime, DJI has already sold more than 50,000 Agras units across the world this year alone during a phased launch.

What are Agras T30 and T10?

The Agras T30 is DJI’s flagship drone for agricultural missions. It comes with a 30-liter spray tank and a spreading system payload capacity of up to 40 kg. With 16 nozzles, the drone has a spray range of 9 meters that allows it to cover 40 acres in an hour. When used with DJI digital agriculture solutions, the T30 can implement variable spreading, reducing fertilizer use while increasing yield.

The Agras T10, meanwhile, comes with an 8-liter spray tank (optional 10-liter tank available in some regions). A spray width of up to 5 meters allows this drone to cover up to 15 acres an hour.

Both drones are equipped with an RTK high-precision…