France’s villages use drones to clean iconic churches

Some stories provide great examples of “drones for good” activity. This one might be described more as “drones for God.” A small village in the southwest of France this week deployed a drone to clean the façade, roof, and bell tower of its church in a mission usually carried out by scaffolding-perched workers. The time and costs saved in that were nothing short of miraculous.

Drones flying heavenly missions in France’s villages for churches

For more than a century, France has become an increasingly urbanized society, as people flowed from towns and farmlands toward cities offering greater (and higher paying) employment opportunities. One consequence of that shift has been a deepening nostalgia and affection for the France profonde that was left behind: the small towns and rural villages dear to the French heart, and often visited during summer vacations. The bourg of Pouillon (pop. 3081) is one such village, and it’s now ready to welcome visitors with what…