We’ve written before about the coming shift in aviation: a world where, we guess about five years from now, you might be able to order a passenger-carrying drone to pick you up and deliver you across a congested urban landscape. And now, at least potentially, you can add flying cars to the mix.

The aerospace world is changing rapidly. Drones are becoming increasingly sophisticated and increasingly automated. Tons of work is being done to automate processes that will allow crewed and uncrewed aircraft to safely share airspace while also minimizing any risk to people or structures on the ground. This blend of drones and aircraft over cities is often referred to as Urban Air Mobility, or UAM.

But there’s another acronym out there we’ve also touched on: AAM, or Advanced Air Mobility.


If this is new to you, you’re not alone. This is an emerging aerospace sector that’s worth explaining. We happened upon this definition of AAM in this excellent post from Deloitte:


Source: dronedj.com