Drone manufacturer Parrot’s latest offering, the ANAFI Ai, has a definite attention-grabbing feature – 4G connectivity. But just how useful is long-range control going to be in a drone whose useable flight time is under 25 minutes remains to be seen.

The ANAFI Ai is the first commercial drone to use 4G as the primary data link between the machine and the operator. The network-agnostic drone integrates a 4G radio module (in addition to the Wi-Fi radio) allowing operators to transmit a 1080p video with very low latency (300 ms).

Technically, this “game-changing” innovation gives professionals the freedom to operate the drone at any distance, enabling Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights. But what does it mean in a real-world scenario, where the 900 gram drone comes with a flight time of 32 minutes?

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Is Parrot’s 4G connectivity premium worth it?

Weiliang Zhang, founder of Avetics Global, a drone…


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