Easy Aerial Raptor Hybrid Tethered and Free-Flying Drone

Easy Aerial RaptorThe new Easy Aerial Raptor is a drone built for the future of autonomous applications.  The hybrid tethered or free fly, drone-in-a-box system gives companies the unprecedented flexibility to use the best mode for the mission.

US-based Easy Aerial provides autonomous drone-based inspection, monitoring and surveillance solutions for commercial, government, and military applications.  Easy Aerial offers a suite of drones designed for different applications: but the Raptor drone “is the first of its kind to offer operators the option to fly tethered or untethered, and the ability to untether during flight.”

Raptor is a drone-in-a-box solution – a drone that can re-charge itself without assistance, designed for autonomous missions.  The tether enables “prolonged situational awareness or persistent surveillance, providing a continuous data and video feed to field personnel or the command center.”

What is truly unique about this newest product is the ability to switch from…