Parrot's new droneParrot’s new drone breaks new ground: the ANAFI Ai is the first 4G connected, robotic UAV – inspired by nature’s best flyers.

In an interview with Parrot’s Martin Line, UX and Marketing Director, the company’s pride in this newest offering is evident: and they have good reason to be excited.  The ANAFI Ai is the first commercial drone to be 4G connected, and it comes equipped with a stereo camera that works like a flying insect’s eyes – to see an avoid anything in its flight path.

“We really think that we’ll set new standards with this,” says Martin.

4G Connection… Encrypted

Parrot’s new drone uses 4G as the primary data link between drone and operator. This is a game changer for flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), as the drone can stay connected even when it flies behind a building or other obstacle.   The Secure Element embedded in the drone and its Skycontroller 4 protects the integrity of the software – and ensure the privacy of the data….