The drone world these days is as much about software as hardware. Today, there’s news that Parrot and AirData UAV have partnered to integrate FreeFlight 6 with the AirData platform. That’s significant.

Drones from manufacturers big and small come with their own operating software. And, with a few exceptions, they’re all pretty much variations on a theme: The software tends to be an app purpose-built for a specific brand of drone. You connect your phone or tablet to the controller and take flight. The thing is, there’s a limit to the data saved from your missions. That’s why a number of manufacturers have integrated with fleet management software like AirData, which automatically keeps track of a ton of other things that are useful to pilots and administrators to know.

Let’s check out the news.

Parrot + AirData

We received advance word via a news release. What does it all mean? In a nutshell, the integration means you can easily (and automatically) load your…