We’ve been watching, with great interest, the exploits of inventor Richard Browning and his company, Gravity Industries. You’ve probably seen him fly by now, looking more than a little bit like Iron Man as he zips around in his jetsuit. Now Skydio has entered the picture.

We’ve kept an eye on Richard’s work since the early days, watching him refine both his system and his flying capabilities. It’s now routine to see videos of Richard expertly navigating with his system, even transferring at sea from a small boat to a military ship.

It’s amazing to watch.

Defying gravity

It’s hard to imagine a more compact or agile setup. And it’s a far cry from the old days of what were once called rocketbelts. Remember those? They were actually using rocket technology, and not the easiest things to fly. The Smithsonian put together a great video that outlines the history of their development, and it’s really worth watching for context:


Source: dronedj.com