The drones They have become one of the fashionable technological devices among the young (and not so young), hence chains such as the German Lidl have one of these star items in their extensive online catalog.

It’s about a quadcopter, a small drone that promises to sweep the Lidl website due to its price, since it costs 19.99 euros.

This “star product”, as the German chain emphasizes, is an easy-to-control device “thanks to the height sensor and the take-off and landing function. in one button“, they point out.

In addition, it allows turn 360 degrees in all directions, and has a range of 30 m and a 5-7 minute flight time, indicated in the characteristics of the product.

Lidl drone control pad.LIDL

The drone is available in two models, black and white, has two-color LED lighting and automatic flight modes: return function, launch start and automatic shutdown.

The Lidl drone is available in two models: black and white.The Lidl drone is available in two models:…