Photo of HGLRC Sector25CR and Sector30CR

HGLRC just announced the upgraded versions of Sector132 and Sector150. They replaced the number in the product name from wheelbase size to propeller size. The HGLRC Sector25CR and Sector30CR are not just lighter but more powerful. Both size versions are available with analog and HD digital FPV systems. In comparison, analog editions have Caddx Ratel 2 FPV camera and Zeus Nano 350mW 5.8G VTX, and the digital editions CADDX Nebula camera and Vista VTX. In addition to the FPV camera, both CineWhoops can be equipped with an Insta360 SMO 4K or Naked GoPro camera.

Both Sector25 HD and Sector30 HD are natively compatible with DJI FPV transmitters and DJI FPV goggles. If you want to use a different remote controller, you can opt for FrSky XM+, R-XSR, FlySky A8S V2, or Crossfire Nanon R9mm OTA radio receiver.

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Sector 2530 with SMO 4k camera

The bigger and more powerful Sector30 comes with two power options. While 4S version has AEOLUS 2004 3000KV motors and 6S has…