Everyone’s asking: When will DJI’s Mavic 3 Pro be released? What features will it have? Should I buy the AIR 2S now… or wait? We’ll be up front and tell you we don’t have all the answers (yet). But we do have some of them.

DJI’s Mavic line, without a doubt, has been an incredible success. I was fortunate enough to be in New York for the launch of the original Mavic Pro in 2016, and recall how that drone really rocked the industry. As it should have: That machine packed an incredible number of features into a compact, foldable form capable of 4K video, Goggle capability, and even the ability to respond to some gestures (tracking, photos). The word “Mavic” would soon be a household name, at least in households that are interested in drones.

That was the beginning. And, though the Mavic name may be fading from DJI’s product line, the product line most of us will always identify as “Mavic” is not.

A fast review

Let’s take a low-altitude cruise through…


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