A quiet post on DJI’s Air 2S FAQ page contains some news some are finding troubling: The company has no plans to have the Air 2S play nice with DJI’s FPV goggles or its Motion Controller. And that stinks.

There had been a lot of anticipation, prior to the launch of this new drone, that it would work with DJI’s goggles. In fact, we reported that they would be compatible, based on a tip from a trusted insider close to DJI. We then had further confirmation of this from other sources. So that plan, at one point, was clearly for this product to be compatible.

And now, at least for the moment, that appears to be off.


The news can be found on DJI’s Air 2S FAQ page. Here’s what it says:


A reader who’d seen the FAQ contacted us, expressing his disappointment.

“Very conflicting information that doesn’t lend much hope to future support for the V2 Goggles,” he wrote. “I’m a bit heartbroken, to be honest.”

And so are we. We…


Source: dronedj.com