Review: Donut County – Movies Games and Tech

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If I was to ask you to picture a generic vision of a cat burglar, what image would you have in your mind? Black woolly hat, dark mask over the eyes, a black and white stripy jumper and dark leggings? This is how I would picture it! I find it both amusing and strange that one wild creature in particular matches this in both looks and personality, and that’s the bin dipping, thieving animal known as the raccoon. This sneaky character takes a pivotal role in the amusing indie game Donut County. An odd and whacky title that will leave you confused, smiling and giddy with delight.

Developed by Ben Esposito and published by Annapurna Interactive, this unusual game looks similar to The Untitled Goose Game. This single-player experience has you reliving the moments when BK runs amuck. He digs up holes in the ground, dragging the people and their belongings to a new subterranean existence.