SESAR Joint Undertaking has partnered with companies and research labs to launch TindAIR, a consortium focused on urban air mobility in Europe. The new consortium will be completing a series of urban air mobility demonstrations.

As the interest and development of passenger and cargo drones continue to increase, they must be tested and safely integrated into the airspace alongside crewed aircraft and air traffic control.

To solve this, the SESAR Joint Undertaking has developed U-space, research, and innovation program aimed at integrating drones safely by creating one large system that can handle all aircraft types at one time.

Within this, the new TindAIR (or tactical instrumental deconfliction and in-flight resolution) project fits into place. Essentially it is a very large-scale demonstration project that aims to integrate drones into the airspace while ensuring the safety and respecting the privacy of people and property.

The demonstrations will cover various use cases…