High Arctic expedition: Nunavut

High Arctic expedition: Nunavut Breathtaking arctic adventure: our top dronist Florian Ledoux is sharing with us his last summer expedition in Greenland. You will be amazed! I believe drones allow me to capture a brand new style of wildlife image in the Arctic. All the animals I photographed are icons of the Arctic, and because of […]

Interview with Dronestagram’s talented top pilot Enrico Pescantini

Enrico Pescantini, Italian aerial photographer, is one of our very talented dronists. He’s known on Dronestagram as pescart. His aerial captures are beautiful, the prove is that some of them appeared in Dronestagram’s new book, Dronescapes: The New Aerial Photography from Dronestagram. We wanted to know more about his passion for aerial photography. My life goal is visiting all the […]

Interview with talented aerial photographer Jerome Courtial

Jerome Courtial, French aerial photographer, is one of our very talented dronists. He’s known on Dronestagram as jcourital. His aerial captures are just stunning, the prove is that two of his pictures appeared in Dronestagram’s Top 20 pictures of 2016. We wanted to know more about his passion for aerial photography. How did your passion for drones begin? […]

#8 Top Pilot Interview with dronist ”Romeoch” Romeo Durscher

Top Pilot Interview with ”Romeoch” Romeo Durscher Romeo Durscher know on Dronestagram as ‘‘romeoch” is one of our talented dronists and also a top pilot on Dronestagram! He is the Director of Education at DJI, inspiring the next generation to get into a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) field. We wanted to know more […]

Dronestagram’s Drone Girls: Chat with Top Pilot Jasmyn Phillips

Drone Girl Jasmyn Phillips Jasmyn Phillips is one of our talented female dronists and also a top pilot on Dronestagram! We wanted to know more about her passion for aerial photography and how she sees the biggest challenges for female drone photographers.  Tell us something about yourself I spend most of my time on the beautiful and majestic […]

#7 Top Pilot Interview – IceFire

Svetlin Marinov, Bulgarian aerial photographer, known on Dronestagram as IceFire is one of our talented dronists.  He’s also one of our top pilots and the winner of the 2nd Prize in Popular Prizes (most liked picture) in 2015 Dronestagram and National Geographic Drone Photo Contest with his picture “Plovdiv by night“.  Dronestagram interviewed Svetlin with few questions. Tell us something about […]

Drones help: how can drones save the Salton Sea?

Drones help prove one of our Top Pilots Eric Hanscom who has been involved in the Salton Sea environmental project. We were very curious to find out more about it. SOS Eric’s most recent project was on April 23rd  2016 at the Salton Sea when over 70 4-wheel drive vehicles traveled to this remote beach the […]

#6 – Top Pilot Interview – Ookpik

Anne and Przemyslaw Chwalik, 39 and 42 years old, wife and husband, are working together near Lyon (France). Before having created their own company « Ookpik » specialized in aerial photography using drones, Przemyslaw was scientist (PhD in Mechanics and behavior of Materials) and Anne was working in an hospital. Ookpik, snowy owl in Inuit language, transformed their […]

#3 Top Pilot Interview – Dimitris Rizikianos

Dimitris Rizikianos is 44 years old and lives in Athens, Greece. He is director of photography and is working as a cameraman at ANT1 TV in Greece for more than 20 years. He’s also one of the Top Pilots of Dronestagram.  When did your passion for the drones begin ? My passion about flying objects gets […]